All You Want To Know About Single Zero Roulette

European style roulette is also called Single zero roulette. It uses a roulette wheel that has one “0” space, in place of the “00” and “0” spots on US-style roulette wheels. “Single space” on the wheel significantly influences the casinos’ edge of a person.

Let us look more at single zero roulette.

What is A Single Zero Roulette?

This type of roulette got originated in Europe. The green space of the wheels of the game is labeled as “0.” American roulette wheels redesigned it to add an additional green slot as the “00” slot, which increased the house edge from 2.7% to 5.26%.

Where European roulette wheels have 37 numbers in the range of 0-36, American roulette or double zero roulette, has a number range of 0-36 with a “00” space. It enhances the number of roulette results from 37 to 38.

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Where Can You Get To Play Single Zero Roulette?

American roulette players find single zero roulette to be more advantageous than the double one. That is the reason why mostly search for tables without the additional “00” space.

The right place to search European style roulette in the US is at a highly crowded casino gambling jurisdiction. You can also find these roulette games in places such as Las Vegas, casinos in Atlantic City, and riverboat gambling halls in Louisiana.

How to play Single Zero Roulette Betting?

Single Zero Roulette games in Europe are played with a few. One of them is ‘en prison’ that lets a player lose even money bets in place of losing all of it straight away. This rule lowers the casino’s edge to a lot of extents so that it gives an advantage of 1.35% to the house.


All types of roulette are considered to be negative expectation games. However, there are methods to make the game more profitable like playing with ‘en prison’ rules. While you enjoy playing the games, keep a watch on the bankroll to ensure you aren’t losing more than what you can afford.

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